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This form lets you create a a Heroscape unit card. The resulting page is an HTML page suitable for printing that should come out very close to the size of the standard cards. I haven't tested it with a variety of browsers/OSes, so let me know if it works well or doesn't on a particular configuration.

Once you are happy with the final card, you can click the "Save" link at the bottom of the page. This will generate a short URL and save the unit. The "Your name/email" field doesn't appear on the resulting card anywhere, but I may periodically browse through the logs and post some of the more interesting units. If you include something in this field, I'll credit you when I share the unit. Belowm, all saved units are listed.

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Saved Units

Units rated Outstanding


Units rated Good

Dark Warrior Greater Fire Elemental JimmiXS Luigi Mark
Obi-Wan Kenobi Plastic Soldier Pugs Sharktopolis Space Marine Gunner
Thor UNSC Sniper Warbane Ironhoof zjbvcfr

Units rated Fair and unrated units

1 222 Alex Alex ALPHA FEMALE
ALPHA MALE Andrea Stuart Angel Ant-man ARAGORN
Arrakis Sandworm Arthas Menethil asdf Austin Avatar Aang
Ayowyn and Brandal Bard the Bowman Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok
Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok
Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok
Barnypok Barnypok Batman bayleef bayleef
Black Riddler Blooddoor O'Tamagari Blue Lantern Flash Bordebagia Brock Lesnar
Bryant Bullseye Camo Soldier Charlie Covenant Elites
Cows Creeping vines Crossbone Gundam X-3 Crystal Maiden Crystal Zaku II Machinegunners
Cthulu Daniel Kroese Daniel Kroese Daredevil darel
darkstar Darkstar Darth Reven Darth Reven Deadpool
Den-Est-Gur Deon Dr. Doom Drizzt Do'Urden eee
Eldar Sniper Eljay EMRALD GOLEM f ffgff
Finn the Human Frodo Garen Garrus Vakarian Gary Sparrow
General Grievous Georgiana Giant Duck Gigi Giratina
Gobbo Godfather Leo Lombardi Godzilla Goku gordon
gordon green lantern Gremlin Hord Groot Grunts
Guard Sergeant Wulfe Gundam Dom Hank Hawkeye Hector
Hunters Ifrit iiouiou Infantry Iron Claws
Iron Man ittgzmezw Jeff Jeremy Martin JimmiNi
JimmiNi JimmiNi JimmiNi JimmiNi JimmiNi
JimmiNu JimmiNu JimmiNu JimmiNu JimmiNu
JimmiNu JimmiNu JimmiXS JimmiXS JimmiXS
JimmiXS JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq
JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSw
Jody john john Joker Kandi
Kat Kat King Kamehameha I(Hawaiin) Kobold Trappers Kommandant Irusk
Kyjt Kyle rayner Leoric lgjgzxza Lien
Link Link M. Bison Mario Mario and Luigi
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
Mark Mark Mark Marro Brutes Marro Hound
Master Chief Master Chief Master Chief Master Chief matt
matt Me Metropolis SCU minigun bot Minion
Minion Moon Men Muglak Nap Nap
Peachfuzz Pink Fluffy Bionicle Raichu Renee Renon
Riku Robin Robin Hood ronny Rytlock Brimstone
Sabera sanic Sauron Schrödinger's Cat Selena Gomez
SGT. Drake Alexander Sgt. Joshua Knox Shellie Sherita Shootler
Snivy Soldado de Minas Tirith Solgaleo Son Goku Space Marine Gunner
Spartan Red Team: Zynark-057 Speeder Bikes Spirit of the Uirii Stormrage Shambler Stormtroopers
Strimoc Vipers Superman Susan Stench T-rex squad TAKEO
Tania Tartarus Tepelock Terrence test
test tetphej The Barbarian The Destroyer The Dovakin
The Flash The Joker The Light the misused Thor
Thurman Tina tjxild TRAB Trunks
Ultron Ultron Undying Pharoh varlog varlog
Veigar Warden Vissarovich White Knights Wilda Wisecracking Warriors
x Zane zombie mob

Units likely to be soon delisted/deleted

Alex Warnke Amphibian Beast Anubian Wolf Arbiter Artemis
Artemis Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok
Batamn Batman bgfcmy Bradley Brunak
Bugs Bunny Charizard Chewbacca CHill Clone Troopers
Composite Superman Cul "The Serpent" Borson Cul "The Serpent" Borson Dark Warrior Darth Sidious
darth vader Dragon of Life and Death Dragon Whirl Emboar Ezio Auditore
FNAF Hoard Gargoyle Gazlowe gordon gordon
green lantern Gyarados Hephaestus Jeff Joseph
Klaw Larfleeze Lonely Rider Luigi Mark
Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark
Mark Me Metagross Metropolis SCU Minion
Moogle Naga Guard Obi-Wan Kenobi Ork Shoota Boyz' Orville
Paladin R2-D2 Ras Al Ghul Recon the samiri captan Recuser
Robin Romat-Ru Schrödinger's Cat Seel Shaco
Shaggy Man Siren Smaug Snow Centaur Stormtroopers
SUI-JIN MATSURI Superman Superman Tahu Tahu, Toa of Fire
The Light The Light Thor Timmy Barfield Toby
Tonitrus Tony Stark Tordai Treybell TrueFire
Tzal of Nameil Uirii Travellers UNSC Sniper Warriors of Harialael White Knights
withcy witch witch Zaklen Assassin Drone 1.37

Matthew Gray
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