Matthew's Greasemonkey Userscripts

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to add custom behavvior and modifications to web sites. I contributed code to the core of greasemonkey as well as written a number of userscripts. I post new userscripts to the javascript section of my blog.

The Userscripts

New website features

Some websites are missing features. These add them.
Google Maps: Add Waypoint
Allows addition of more "waypoints". See my blog entry about this script. sort
Sort pages by number of users posting a link (inspired by a standalone extension that did the same thing) and add an "unsort" and "sort" button to the top of the page


A lot of websites have useless or low-utility navigation stuff taking up valuable screen space. I have a few scripts that remove or move stuff around to address this.
CNN reorganizer
Moves the "story" to the top of the page
Remove the CNN navbar
Just ditch the navar entirely
Weather underground reorganizer
Moves the weather information to the top of the page

Ad removal

For most ad removal, I recommend Adblock, but sometimes ads aren't images, flash, or iframes.
Yahoo Groups Interstitial Ad Skipper
Automatically move on to the message from a YG interstitial ad


Slashdot recolor
Slashdot uses ugly colors on some pages. Fix it.